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Plastic recycling investment continues at forward-thinking Indigo Environmental

An UNTHA QR1400 shredder

Indigo Environmental has today confirmed its latest investment in recycling technology as it continues its mission to tackle the UK’s plastic waste.

An UNTHA QR1400 has just been commissioned at the team’s Widnes site, to process wheelie bins and 205ltr drums. Capable of handling in excess of 500kg per hour, the machine will transform this often-tricky plastic ‘waste’ into a homogenous <50mm fraction for remanufacturing.

The news comes hot on the heels of Indigo’s installation of an UNTHA RS40 back in January 2018 This four-shaft shredder with ram-assisted hopper also processes bulky and oversized plastic so that it can be granulated down to <12mm and washed before being resold.

Passionate about supporting the development of closed loop business models, Indigo was founded to support the recycling and reuse of plastics from the automotive, process, manufacturing, waste management, food and beverage industries, as well as various local authorities.

“We’ve worked hard at Indigo to develop systems that can transform this complex waste stream into reusable and resalable products,” comments managing director Paul Kinley. “UNTHA’s shredding technology lies at the heart of this, and this latest investment will boost our capacity by at least 50%.

“This is by no means the end of the story though – watch this space for a very exciting 2019!”

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