‘Mattress recycling in 2021’ has arrived…

Our latest guide delves deep into the world of mattress disposal and why the recycling of this bulky waste can not only yield a number of powerful resources but benefit the greater economy too…

Year after year, more mattresses are discarded, leaving a huge amount of waste that is tricky to store, handle and recycle. The Furniture Recycling Group reports that more than 167,000 tonnes of end-of-life mattresses are sent to landfill in the UK every year for example – a number that is almost impossible to imagine.

Industry action is needed to reduce this number, and fast. That’s why this month, we’ve created a free guide to mattress recycling – the home to all the answers for the profitable transformation of this bulky waste.

What most people don’t realise is that mattress recycling can soon be a revenue generating activity, with 100% of the materials inside (textiles, metal, foam and wood) recoverable for resale, remanufacturing and alternative fuel production. This guide shows you how.

We also elaborate on our recent work with TexTek, sharing how this spiralling waste stream is being managed by our XR3000C – precured after a one-week trial at the company.

A glance at TexTek’s operation:

  • An aim to divert one million mattresses a year, from landfill.
  • XR shredder with 3m wide loading apertures.
  • Shred the mattress down to a <50mm particle size.
  • Downstream separation technology.
  • 100% recycling rate.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Mattress recycling in 2021’, Gary Moore, sales director at UNTHA UK, noted: “Engineering innovations are advancing at pace, which is changing the shape of what’s possible, in the reuse, recycling and energy recovery arenas. Consequently, operators throughout the environmental sector are re-evaluating the commercial viability of materials that are still presumed impractical to process, but perhaps are not. Mattresses have vast resource potential but are typically overlooked. We hope we can change that.”

Eager to learn more…?

Download your copy of ‘Mattress recycling in 2021 – the secret to shredding 200 mattresses per hour’.




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