Lights, camera, action for the UNTHA UK team

UNTHA UK filming day

There’s no denying the growing role of video in the world of communications. Whether it’s on social media, sales demonstrations, exhibitions, or informative media, we’re increasingly exploring new ways to communicate with each other using film.

As a longstanding collaboration partner of Leeds-based production company, Manto Films, we’ve been dedicated to creating engaging, impactful, and unique footage that perfectly encapsulates the UNTHA brand for quite some time now.

But, this time, our brief was slightly different. We wanted to craft a suite of informative videos that harness the knowledge and expertise of our colleagues within the UK team.

And so, earlier this year, we held a filming day in the warehouse of our Boroughbridge HQ, which shone the spotlight on several of our talented teammates, to share their own insight about the UNTHA machinery and what sets it apart within the industry. After all, who can talk about our industrial shredders better than the people who live and breathe them every single day?

There was no shortage of nerves when it came to stepping in front of the lens, but we’re pretty sure the results speak for themselves — and we even managed to have fun in the process!

Making cameo appearances in the new films are:

Service manager Ben Styles highlighting the pallet shredding PS1300

Sales co-ordinator Sarah Murray delving into the four shaft RS40

HR and admin coordinator Claire Slater discussing the compact, yet high performance LRK

Data analyst Sharon Annat describing the plug-and-go S25

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our video stars, for their invaluable enthusiasm and insight on the day.

And if you like what you’ve seen of our footage so far, there’s lots more where that came from — so watch this space!

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