What do you need to shred?

A compact, powerful woodchipper, specifically engineered to reduce wooden pallet scrap and minimise disposal costs.

A high throughput, easy maintenance plastic shredder with impressive uptime and output particle precision for cost-effective recycling and volume reduction.

  • Power: From 18.5 kW - 30-44 kW
  • Cutting chamber width : From 700 mm - 1400 mm

Optimum throughputs, minimal whole life running costs and maximum profitability, are just some of the priorities we’ve engineered into this flexible, efficient and high-performance XR waste shredder.

  • Power: From 1 x 65 kW - 2 x 132 kW
  • Rotor speed: From 36 (r) rpm - 87 (xc) rpm

A high volume single shaft pallet shredder engineered to tackle A-grade wood waste, guaranteeing an efficient shred and a homogenous output, every time.

  • Power: From 2 x 5.5 kW - 4 x 45 kW
  • Charging hole : From 450 x 560mm - 1,500 x 1,260mm