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As we move into the second quarter of 2021, we’ve decided to look back at the last three months for UNTHA UK in the media, to see where we hit the headlines and the news you might’ve missed!

Let’s catch up…

Optimism and innovation in 2021

Our managing director, Marcus Brew, kickstarted the year speaking to Yorkshire Business Insider, sharing how our adaptability and commitment to customer communications drove growth for UNTHA UK during the pandemic. Not only did he note on how we remained as agile as ever, but he also delved into some of the new technical configurations we’ve brought to the market.

The evolution of planned preventative maintenance

UNTHA UK’s sales director Gary Moore, shared the latest evolutions in Planned Preventative Maintenance, earlier this year with CIWM. PPM may be nothing new, but a routine and proactive approach to your machinery’s upkeep will grow in importance for the industry in 2021 – especially as technology advances.

Bolstering growth and turnover targets

We made a number of team changes as we entered the New Year, including the appointment of our Marketing Director, Katie Mallinson, and Andy Nadin’s move to aftersales manager. But that’s not all – our target for £15m in turnover was hot in the media, as we work towards another landmark year for the business. Hear all about it, over on letsrecycle.

Looking beyond the pandemic to environmental targets

In March, Gary featured on CIWM again, this time to discuss why businesses cannot let Covid-19 derail their environmental ambitions. From resuming standards, to the real risks your business could face, he raised important points to becoming an exemplar organisation, stepping up to the challenge and pushing bolder green policies.

The Digital Enterprise TOP 100

We’ve been recognised for our digital adoption in The Digital Enterprise TOP 100 list, alongside other businesses in the Leeds City Region! The latest report shares why we were named one of the most innovative, digitally transformational, and resilient SMEs in our area, and we even had the pleasure of networking with the top 100 at the recent celebration event.

The impact of Brexit

Brexit has been on our radar since referendum conversations began, so we made sure to ramp up our digital transformation plans and invest over £300,000 in cloud technology, to guarantee we were ready. Managing director Marcus Brew, shared an insight into our strategy to maintain ‘business as usual’ with the Wood Recyclers Association (WRA).

Stay tuned for more news and exciting innovations from UNTHA UK, as the year unfolds.

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