Have you heard about UNTHA’s cutter rebuild service?

UNTHA’s cutter rebuild service

A new year heralds the launch of a new service for industrial shredder specialist UNTHA UK, as the team reveals what it believes will be a hugely important customer service product for 2020.

Hot on the heels of unveiling a shredder rebuild division last Autumn, the Boroughbridge-headquartered business has officially introduced its cutter refurbishment expertise – another clever service designed to help customers maximise the ongoing return from their shredder investment.

Intended specifically for UNTHA’s four shaft shredder installs, this clever cutting system overhaul means customers can save up to 40% in wear part costs.

Service manager Andy Nadin explains: “It’s no secret that our machines are engineered to shred a variety of incredibly tough waste materials and recyclables, including e-waste shredders, so our cutters are already equipped for a long service life. The disks have an integral collar rather than separate spacers, for example, which distributes the cutting force over a wide area for optimal shredding and cutter preservation.

“But normal cutter wear and tear over an extended period of time can slowly start to impact on a shredder’s productivity, uptime and return on investment. So, we’ve worked hard to design a hassle-free cutter maintenance process that sees us regrind, rebuild and restore the parts to save customers money and preserve the retained value in their existing resources.

“On RS100 shredders, the benefits are greater still, as the machine’s four shafts are all exactly the same size. This means that the inner cutters, which are typically subjected to higher wear, can be exchanged for the outer disks to prolong the lifespan of the overall cutting system.

“We encourage customers to talk to us about what’s possible, to maximise the return from their operations, protect their ongoing costs and optimise the running condition of their assets.” 

UNTHA’s cutter refurbishment guides are now available to download for free:

RS30 / 40 / 50 / 60


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