Four shaft shredder expertly tackles confidential waste

OASIS group

OASIS Group, a leading information management organisation — with sites across Europe — partnered with UNTHA UK to boost its waste management practices. Following the installation of a four-shaft RS40 shredder, the firm transformed its approach to handling confidential waste, achieving significant improvements in efficiency, security, and environmental sustainability.

Specialising in the collection, digitisation, and destruction of clients’ data, OASIS Group serves as a trusted partner for confidential data management. It was the company’s commitment to security that necessitated a robust solution to handle its confidential waste streams effectively.

With the firm’s existing machine reaching the end of its lifespan and facing costly repairs, OASIS enlisted the help of third-party shredder dealer, SRS Sales and Services, to source a cost-effective solution. 

UNTHA’s RS40 four shaft shredder perfectly met the requirements with its integral screen that produces a homogenous and compliant shred size of less than 30mm, with potential to go as small as 15mm. Moreover, the high torque and low-speed operation guarantees maximum security while minimising noise, dust, and maintenance requirements.

Commenting on the project, managing director for UK and Ireland, Mike Speakman said: “The UNTHA shredder has been transformative for us as a business — improving internal processes to better serve our client base. Not only has it proved a cost-effective solution, but it has shown true versatility and reliability. We would recommend UNTHA’s shredding solutions to anyone.”

“Collaborating with OASIS and UNTHA UK on this project was a natural fit for us” added Matthew Greenland, director at SRS Sales and Services. “Our expertise allowed us to pinpoint UNTHA’s RS40 as the perfect machine for the job — delivering efficiency and security in confidential waste processing. We’re excited for more collaborations with UNTHA UK in the future as we help companies unlock their shredding potential.”

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