UNTHA UK – We will give you more…

We will give you more

At UNTHA UK we are proud to make the claim “We will give you more” and we really do believe that we will give you more than other waste shredder providers.


UNTHA UK continuously strives to improve, for the good of employees, clients and the industry as a whole. This ethos runs throughout the entire organisation – it is a philosophy proudly upheld by the waste shredder research and development team, designers, engineers, assembly department and UNTHA UK’s waste consultants and servicing experts.

The entire team is passionate about improving the UK’s waste agenda, raising standards in the European waste and recycling industry, and providing the most added value to clients following their investment in an UNTHA waste shredder. This means we are fully committed to passing on our knowledge, for free, at every possible opportunity, whether you’re a client or not.

Our philosophy of “We will give you more” is demonstrated within our technology too. After installaing an UNTHA waste shredder, the ROI (return on investment) will become immediately apparent. With increased uptime, greater operational efficiencies, better reliability and impressive cost savings you will feel comfortable knowing that you have chosen the right shredding solutions partner with UNTHA UK. We can even help you to produce a valuable commodity of your own, such as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) or a variety of recyclable materials.

Our commitment to customers doesn’t stop there. Our expertise and advice is always available, and our fully-equipped engineering department ensures clients benefit from waste shredder services, repairs, spare parts and maintenance agreements. This approach allows clients to fulfil their own business objectives and grow their business too, and if the need ever arises in future for clients to expand or replenish their fleet of waste machinery, they have no hesitation who to turn to.
Hopefully it’s clear now. At UNTHA UK we really will give you more.

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