UNTHA’s Waste Shredding Heritage

The UNTHA brand is synonymous with technological excellence. Why? Because UNTHA Shredding Technology is committed to designing and delivering the highest quality machines for your waste shredding needs.

The team has remained true to this mission over the past 40 years, and the company has experienced significant growth as a result. Having manufactured powerful waste shredders and solved even the most complex of recycling problems for clients across the world, UNTHA has cemented its position as the global leader in waste shredding technology provision.

Untha_Anton_UnterwurzacherSo where did it all begin?
In 1970, Anton Unterwurzacher set up a small engineering firm in Kuchl, near Salzburg, which employed just five people. Initially the company provided a varied range of general engineering services, but in the early 1980s a local businessman asked Anton to develop a shredder to process wooden packing cases and cardboard.

Two years later in 1983, Anton went on to develop and patent the first four shaft cutting system with perforated screen. This technology, now renowned worldwide, raised the bar in the waste shredding industry and has been much-admired but never surpassed. UNTHA has always been one step ahead of the game.

Demand for UNTHA waste shredders grew, and in the late 1980s UNTHA began to export the technology to the rest of Europe and America, at the same time developing new machines and establishing the now infamous brand “UNTHA shredders” in 1989.

Throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s UNTHA continued to add to its fleet of industry-leading waste shredders, engineering solutions for a wider range of waste and recycling problems, and further improving the aesthetics and functionality of existing machines. As innovation continued apace, the team also expanded the design and development facilities, and launched a test centre and technical centre at UNTHA’s Austrian headquarters.

In 2009 UNTHA held its first ‘Expert Days’ designed to promote waste knowledge transfer throughout the global waste shredding and waste management industry. This educational approach was taken one step further in 2010, when the UNTHA Academy was founded. Designed to heighten, promote and reinforce the greatest of technical and commercial standards within UNTHA’s worldwide team, the Academy provides the highest level of training for employees and partners.

In this same year UNTHA repositioned its brand as one of utmost reliability, a statement that resonates throughout UNTHA UK today.

UNTHA is currently doubling the size of its Austrian factory, paving the way for an exciting future for Europe’s leading shredding technology provider.

To find out more about UNTHA Shredding Technology, visit www.untha.com.

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