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UNTHA UK – Company History

UNTHA UK is the country’s leading provider of the most innovative waste shredders in the marketplace.

Time and again clients report incredibly low operating costs, unrivalled efficiencies and fantastic returns on their investment. This is in no small part due to the level of expertise, knowledge and insight within the UNTHA UK consultancy team – a hand-picked selection of waste shredding, recycling and engineering professionals dedicated to helping customers extract the most value from their machines.

But where did UNTHA UK come from?
In 2011, prestigious Austrian manufacturers UNTHA invested in the industry-renowned waste shredding division of Riverside Waste Machinery, to form the exciting new brand UNTHA UK.

The creation of this fresh company united Europe’s most talented engineers with the UK’s most passionate and experienced waste management experts, reaping significant benefits for clients.

Chris Oldfield, a popular figurehead within the waste and recycling industry and previous managing director of Riverside Waste Machinery, remained at the helm of UNTHA UK until long-standing colleague Marcus Brew fully took over the reins in 2017. With his team, he is responsible for ensuring the UNTHA’s world-leading shredding technology increases uptime, drives down costs, and improves the environmental agenda of waste recyclers, processors and alternative fuel producers across the country and beyond.

Leading the waste shredding revolution
Both UNTHA UK and our Austrian HQ share the same commitment to innovation, quality and education; a determination to solve waste problems; and the belief that customers should lie at the heart of every business decision.

This has gone a great way to enhancing the company’s reputation and supporting the ongoing growth of the brand. Clients approach the UNTHA UK team because of our rich heritage, technical knowledge and forward-thinking approach to executing projects on time, to budget and with maximum bottom line impact.

If you don’t believe us, come and visit our exciting new waste machinery and shredding test centre, to see for yourself.

To discover more about the history behind the renowned UNTHA brand, visit our heritage page.

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