7 things you need to know about an UNTHA shredder rebuild

Shredder rebuild

At UNTHA UK, we don’t just help our customers tackle sustainability challenges – we incorporate a ‘reuse’ mindset into our own engineering services too. 

So if one of our shredders is nearing the end of its useful life, our first thought is: “Can we rebuild it?” 

Why? Because often, with some expert TLC, our robust shredders can be fully refurbished to an outstanding operational standard, which saves the financial – and environmental – cost of commissioning another machine. 

With 4 customers’ shredders currently being rebuilt this week alone, this is a HOT topic right now. So here are 7 things you need to know about UNTHA’s shredder rebuild service:

1. When we say ‘rebuild’, we mean it. We strip the shredder down to its component parts, repairing and/or replacing all worn elements and restoring its aesthetic appearance too.

2. Once the rebuild is complete, the machine is re-plated for ‘full factory rebuild’ authenticity, before it is returned to its former owner or sold to a new customer.

3. This authentication makes it easy to secure finance on the shredder, should it be more convenient to spread the cost of the investment – at this point it is even possible to wrap a service and maintenance agreement, complete with ongoing spare and wear parts, into the finance package.

4. The rebuilt machine is supplied with a 6 month warranty, with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty provided for all parts replaced. 

5. UNTHA UK can then provide ongoing service and maintenance support – if required – just as we would for a brand new industrial shredder.

6. Thanks to a £1m+ investment in robotic technology, we can also refurbish our customers’ four shaft (RS) cutters, hardening them for added longevity. 

7. There is an optimum time to rebuild a shredder, but defining this depends on the customer’s application, usage patterns and maintenance effectiveness.  Preventative maintenance will prolong the lifespan of the asset, but there will still come a ‘tipping point’ where a rebuild could restore the machine to optimal operating conditions. Go past this and the financial viability of the process may diminish. If in doubt about timings, our advice is “ask us” – we’ll work with you to understand your running conditions and can even advise on the perfect refurb schedule to minimise disruption in your facility, with short-term shredder hire and trade in options available.

If any of this information has sparked a question, or you’d like to discuss a shredder rebuild in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact Claudia Johnson or Julie Cassidy in the UNTHA UK aftersales team, via service@untha.co.uk or 01423 320843.

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