60 seconds with Martyn Yarde


Our people are what make UNTHA UK tick, so each month we quiz a different colleague on 10 quickfire questions that offer a little more insight into why they’re such a crucial part of the team.

Next up, it’s our southern area sales manager, Martyn Yarde… you’ve got exactly one minute – go!

  1. What’s the most popular ‘waste’ stream that UNTHA is being approached to help shred at the moment?


  1. Describe your favourite shredder trial that you’ve watched at UNTHA UK’s HQ…

The shredding of food waste by the RS40 – impressive!

  1. Complete the sentence: When it comes to easy-to-shred materials, it’s crazy that the UK isn’t processing more…

…plastics. Because so many types of this material currently exist, we need to get to the stage where we have a standardised plastic to make recycling an easier process.

  1. What do you think is the most important environmental issue facing the UK right now?

The ownership of each individual’s waste.

  1. Complete the sentence: There would be greater commitment to recycling in the UK if…

…as per other countries, there was a financial incentive to recycle – such as bottle banks providing a rebate amount per item (like the old lemonade bottle scheme!)

  1. Investing in a shredder is a complex decision that clients make very carefully – why do you think they choose UNTHA UK?

Firstly, because of the quality and build performance of the entire UNTHA range. And secondly, it’s down to what the whole team can offer from sales through to service – including excellent industry knowledge, professionalism and a ‘can do’ attitude.

  1. You launched a new website last year. What do you most like about it?

It’s great to direct customers to a clear and easy-to-navigate site, where they can access a large amount of information regarding our wide range of products and the applications they can handle.

  1. Which local/national business do you think deserves a shout out, when it comes to being environmentally considerate?

Chilly’s Bottles – after reading about their brand I bought one of their products and it’s fantastic, plus it has saved me from purchasing endless plastic bottles of water.

  1. And who is your environmental ‘hero’?

David Attenborough – I’ve grown up watching this man bring the greatness, and plight, of our planet into houses with unequalled programme quality and content. Also, Prince Charles, who – back in the 70s – was warning us about pollution and the need to take care of our planet.

  1. What’s your main hope for UNTHA UK over the coming year?

I think our performance during COVID-19 has been exceptional and all team members have certainly stepped up to the plate. The business potential we currently have in the pipeline make these very exciting times for everyone at UNTHA UK.

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