60 seconds with Marie Dransfield

Our people are what make UNTHA UK tick, so each month we quiz a different colleague on 10 quickfire questions that offer a little more insight into why they’re such a crucial part of the team.

Next up, it’s quality manager Marie Dransfield … you’ve got exactly one minute – go!

What’s the most popular ‘waste’ stream that UNTHA is being approached to help shred at the moment?

We’re getting lots of enquires for plastic and bulky waste shredding – mattresses seem to be the hot waste stream of the moment!

Describe your favourite/least favourite shredder trial that you’ve watched at UNTHA UK’s HQ – which machine was in action and shredding what?

My favourite trial would have to be seeing a mattress being shredded! For such a large item, it would seem like a difficult product to recycle – being made up of various materials including metal springs – but our XR machine makes it look easy. Take a look for yourself!


Complete the sentence: When it comes to easy-to-shred materials, it’s crazy that the UK isn’t processing more…

… of its plastic, even starting with our food and drinks packaging!

What do you think is the most important environmental issue facing the UK right now?

Pollution in all its forms.

Complete the sentence: There would be greater commitment to recycling in the UK if…

… there was more awareness, and if the benefits/the importance of the process were taught to society from a young age. We need to start by looking at what we recycle in our homes and find better solutions to the issue.

Investing in a shredder is a complex decision that clients make very carefully – why do you think they choose UNTHA UK?

UNTHA creates a positive experience where we listen to the customer, personalise the product to their specific needs, and often surprise them with added extras to create an enhanced waste solution. Most importantly, I feel following up with them from the beginning of their journey and maintaining a relationship with them throughout, equals a happy customer.

You launched a new website in 2019. What do you most like about it?

I love the main page film that showcases a shredding sequence in action – it’s quite powerful viewing. The 5-tab webpage navigation makes it easy to move around the site too, and I can’t forget the use of our bright UNTHA brand colours!

Which local/national business do you think deserves a shout out, when it comes to being environmentally considerate?

A shout out to ‘The Bishy Weigh’ – York’s eco pantry and zero-waste store. The ‘green’ lifestyle shop sell everything from loose pasta, pulses, seeds and cereals ready for your reusable containers, to eco toiletries and kitchen cleaners.

And who is your environmental ‘hero’?

Sir David Attenborough, for all he has done and to be recognised by so many.

What’s your main hope for UNTHA UK over the coming year?

With Covid-19 significantly impacting all of us and many businesses, my main hope is that at UNTHA UK, we can continue to keep all our staff safe whilst engaging in exciting times and plans for 2021.

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