60 seconds with Liz Crompton

Our people are what make UNTHA UK tick, so each month we quiz a different colleague on a series of quickfire questions that offer a little more insight into why they’re such a crucial part of the team.

Next up, it’s company accountant Liz Crompton… you’ve got exactly one minute – go!

1. What’s the most popular ‘waste’ stream that UNTHA is being approached to help shred at the moment?

Plastics – something that is on everyone’s mind at the moment.

2. Complete the sentence: When it comes to easy-to-shred materials, it’s crazy that the UK isn’t processing more…

… plastics.

3. What do you think is the most important environmental issue facing the UK right now?

Plastics in the oceans – there’s a common theme here!

4. Complete the sentence: There would be greater commitment to recycling in the UK if…

…people were held more accountable for their actions.

5. Investing in a shredder is a complex decision that clients make very carefully – why do you think they choose UNTHA UK?

Because we are a well-known global brand, and we offer reliability.

6. You launched a new website last year. What do you most like about it?

It’s clear, easy to read, and simple for visitors to navigate around.

7. Which local/national business do you think deserves a shout out, when it comes to being environmentally considerate?

Ripon Grammar School – it’s currently supporting the marine conservation charity ‘Surfers Against Sewage’, which protects oceans, beaches and marine life.

8. And who is your environmental ‘hero’?

My family are all heroes – they’re superb at recycling our household waste.

9. What’s your main hope for UNTHA UK over the coming year?

As an accountant, profitability is always high on my agenda! To keep growing and succeeding in the industry is important.

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