60 seconds with Gerard Hart

Our people are what make UNTHA UK tick, so each month we quiz a different colleague on 10 quickfire questions that offer a little more insight into why they’re such a crucial part of the team.

Next up, it’s project engineer Gerard Hart… you’ve got exactly one minute – go!

1. What’s the most popular ‘waste’ stream that UNTHA is being approached to help shred at the moment?

There are quite a few at present, although wood waste & municipal solid waste (MSW) seem to be the flavours of the year – we’ve supplied several machines for both recently!

2. Describe your favourite shredder trial that you’ve watched at UNTHA UK’s HQ…

We did a trial for a company that securely destroys confiscated counterfeit products and luxury end-of-line designer goods including handbags, purses, perfume, and clothes. It was really interesting to see how many recyclable materials we could extract from a process ultimately driven by compliance – the only downside to the trial was going home smelling of women’s perfume!

3. Complete the sentence: When it comes to easy-to-shred materials, it’s crazy that the UK isn’t processing more…

…mattresses. They may not typically be easy to shred but our  XR3000C machines make light work of these bulky items. The end product is clean steel that can be recycled and flock which can be used for a number of applications.

4. What do you think is the most important environmental issue facing the UK right now?

We are living in strange times at the moment and the COVID-19 situation has had an effect on the waste industry as a whole. People have had to stay at home, causing an increase in MSW, and there’s been a huge surge in medical waste which has to be disposed of in a manner that ensures there is no risk of contamination to people or the environment. Long term, continuing to send the amount of waste we do to landfill just isn’t sustainable or practical.

5. Complete the sentence: There would be greater commitment to recycling in the UK if…

…people understood how it could benefit them personally in their everyday lives. Recycling means less energy is used to make items – which in turn makes products cheaper.

6. Investing in a shredder is a complex decision that clients make very carefully – why do you think they choose UNTHA UK?

The UNTHA brand speaks for itself, with technological innovations that no one else in the industry has come close to. For example, our new UNTHA Genius technology is an online tool where you can monitor your shredder’s performance from any device – including power consumption – so you know in real-time how much your shredder is costing to run.

In my opinion, UNTHA UK also has an unmatched customer service – through from sales to servicing. Our level of professionalism has given us a great reputation in the waste and recycling industry. We can’t seem to get machines out of the door quick enough at the minute!

7. You launched a new website last year. What do you most like about it?

It looks very sleek and is easy to navigate. Also, the range of articles and case studies on projects past and present are a fantastic reference point for potential customers.

8. Which local/national business do you think deserves a shout out, when it comes to being environmentally considerate?

I would definitely say Brewdog. They have BCorp certification and have completely eliminated all plastic from their supply chain. They also send their spent grain for green gas production, power their Scottish plant using energy from three nearby wind turbines, and use waste water in an anaerobic digestion system which creates green gas and Co2 to go into the product – they even use their spent hops to manufacture dog biscuits!

9. And who is your environmental ‘hero’?

Without a doubt David Attenborough. It wouldn’t be a Sunday evening without a good natural history documentary on.

10. What’s your main hope for UNTHA UK over the coming year?

That we keep up the pace we’re currently experiencing!

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