10 minutes with… Gary Moore

It’s been a big year for the UNTHA UK team, and Gary Moore’s journey has been no exception. Following news of his recent work overseas, as well as back on home turf, we catch up with him to learn more about his role within our global shredding business…

Tell us about your job at UNTHA UK…
I joined the business almost five years ago as sales manager, with particular experience in alternative fuel production projects, plus large, complex industrial shredding applications. As my time with the company has evolved, I’ve helped design and supply a number of waste and recycling plants for some of the UK’s most innovative companies.

But it’s not just UNTHA’s shredding technology that gets me excited about my job. I love working with people – both on the client side and within our own nationwide business.

As our MD Marcus has shaped the company during a period of phenomenal growth, I’ve taken more responsibility for the sales function. Now, as sales director, I continue to work with clients on their upcoming shredding projects, while helping support the strategic development of our business, the upskilling of our sales team, and our collaboration with other UNTHA departments. We’ve seen some real successes through the sales of UNTHA service products, as well as our machines, and I see this trend only going one way – up!

How would your colleagues describe you?
I’d like to say honest, committed and hard-working with a can-do attitude, but above all I hope they’ll comment on how I like to have fun. I genuinely enjoy building relationships with all stakeholders and I think this is hopefully one of the reasons why people like working with me.

You’ve hit the headlines recently for working with colleagues overseas too. Tell us a bit more about that…
We are a global business, and UNTHA colleagues around the world remain in ongoing contact to share ideas, client feedback and market insight. This is what fuels the continuing innovation of our shredding technology after all.

We also believe in transferring knowledge and expertise when it can benefit new projects, irrespective of their location. So, while the majority of my time is naturally spent looking after customers in the UK, I also have the opportunity to work on assignments overseas.

For instance, a long-standing relationship with Robbie McKernan – now director of Australian firm FOCUS Enviro – has led to us securing an exclusive distributor agreement with the company on the other side of the world. I’m excited to see what the relationship with Robbie and his team, will mean for UNTHA in Oz.

I’m also supporting the growth of UNTHA America as they look ahead to further growth in the US market. To reflect these different elements of my role, I also have the title director of global business development – how grand!

Does this mean you’ll be spending more time overseas?
Perhaps a little but I’ve always juggled my diary.

In a typical month, I like to plan in some time at our North Yorkshire HQ in the first instance, whether that’s for trials at our shredder test centre, or to spend some time with the team.

Next up I book in client meetings at waste and recycling sites throughout the country – you can’t beat getting to the heart of their operations and this is still the element of my job I love the most.

There will be one or two days where I work from home too – that’s when I get the majority of my work done!

Then there will always be a couple of days away, whether that’s to visit colleagues at our Austrian HQ, take a client to see their shredder being manufactured, participate in a training programme, attend an international event to cross-reference our knowledge or explore new opportunities to grow our business. The more we evolve, the more powerful our solutions for the industry.

The great thing is, with savvy video conferencing, instant messaging tools and an intelligent, integrated management system, we can collaborate with colleagues and clients, regularly, wherever they may be. So you’ll still be seeing as much of my face as usual!

Of all that’s going on, what are you most excited about?
There has been a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes at UNTHA UK’s HQ to re-evaluate the customer journey and ensure that we put clients at the heart of everything we do, at every single touchpoint of working with us. We’re writing new marketing literature, planning new events, revolutionising how people interact with us online, bringing some amazing new talent into the business, and there may even be one or two product innovations on the horizon too!

This client-centric approach has definitely been core to our growth, despite difficult market conditions, and I look forward to working with Marcus and the team, on ‘what’s next’.

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