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Why are there so few used UNTHA shredders for sale in the UK?

“Why are there so few used UNTHA shredders for sale in the UK?”

Bob Taylor, AK Waste Machinery

Periodically we do come across used UNTHA shredders that have had a long and successful life in one plant, and that can be refurbished, reconfigured and re-commissioned for use in another operation. When we can acquire such machines, they will be made available on the refurbished and stock shredder page of our website, providing customers with an alternative way to invest in UNTHA’s shredding technology.

As you say however, used UNTHA shredders rarely come up for sale. This is because our machines are, by design, built to last. They are renowned for their robustness and hard-wearing parts. They are also easy to maintain and keep ‘like new’, and they are incredibly flexible, meaning they will continually evolve to suit a plant’s ever-changing requirements.

Most of our customers simply don’t have a need to replace an UNTHA shredder. They value the ongoing return that this asset can generate for their business, and rather than replace the technology, they in fact invest in additional machines if their operations grow.

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