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We’re backing pledge4plastics

If you’ve not yet seen the pledge4plastics campaign sweeping throughout the industry, you need to take a look. The new national plastics recycling initiative led by RECOUP is a fun and engaging attempt to show more people what could happen to the plastic packaging they discard of in their home.

The short animated video explains that a butter tub could become a kitchen table, and a yoghurt pot could be the crucial ‘ingredient’ in a new car bumper. If only the materials were recycled.

It is a little disheartening to admit that, as yet, some councils still cannot collect plastic pots, tubs and trays for recycling. And this could be a disappointing reminder for many people currently frustrated by the limitations within their local authority.

Yet a second, shorter pledge4plastics animation reminds us that some exciting things can still be done with the plastic bottles councils do collect throughout the country. A recycled milk bottle could pave the way for a new rocket toy, for instance, and a juice bottle could be transformed into a football shirt!

Commenting on the new motion graphics productions, UNTHA UK’s managing director Chris Oldfield said: “This pledge4plastics initiative reminds us just what is possible, if we each do our bit in the home. There are some very talented product designers, materials recycling facilities, machinery manufacturers and recycling consultants, who ensure the continued use of the resources we consume on a daily basis. We just need more people to do the right thing when they have finished using things such as shampoo bottles, drinks containers and food cartons.”

Well done RECOUP – this is a campaign we’re proud to share!

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