Food Waste/Anaerobic Digestion – Shredders

UNTHA UK’s industry-leading food waste shredders are the country’s most popular machines for organic waste shredding and anaerobic digestion.

Having worked with over 50% of the UK’s food waste plants, UNTHA UK has an advanced level of knowledge and experience in this exciting field. Managing director Chris Oldfield has previously chaired specialist anaerobic digestion panellist debates at waste and recycling event including RWM.

So why is UNTHA the perfect partner for organisations processing food and organic waste?

Utilising the robust technology of the four shaft RS shredder, UNTHA’s intelligent engineers have developed a customised food waste shredder with:

  • Special tooth and cutting gap geometrics which guarantee reliable processing of the organic material and a pumpable fermentation substrate
  • A robust sealing system that protects the gearbox and bearings from these potentially aggressive materials thus preventing corrosion of the shredder
  • Flexibility at the heart of the technology, so that the shredder can be adapted depending upon the nature of the organic waste and the particle size required.

With clients including Fernbrook Bio, BiogenGreenfinch, Lower Reule Bioenergy and Langage AD on its books, UNTHA UK is well-placed to offer organic waste shredding knowledge, equipment and machine servicing expertise, to the country’s leading Anaerobic Digestion plants.

Find out more

Our organic waste shredding experts have prepared A Buyer’s Guide to Food Shredders which you can download for free.

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