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The benefits of using a four shaft shredder rather than a single shaft

“Can you please clarify the benefits of using a four shaft shredder rather than a single shaft, for confidential waste?”


A great question and one that we are often asked because UNTHA manufacturers both four shaft and single shaft shredders.

Four shaft shredders:

The benefits of using a four shaft shredder for confidential waste are in fact numerous. Our four shaft range – the UNTHA RS series – is renowned for its robustness, so straight away customers are reassured that they’re investing in a machine that is built to last.

Shredders in the RS series are also reliable and easy to maintain, which equates to unrivalled uptime. The hard-wearingcutters are specially designed, so RS customers benefit from extremely long intervals – over 3,000 hours – between cutter changes.In some cases, special refurbishment programmes can extend the cutters’ life to over 5,000 hours. In-built functionality such as self-cleaning contra shears also heighten the RS’s reliability and reduce the level of ongoing maintenance required. Your operations will become incredibly efficient.

Single shaft shredders:

A single shaft confidential waste shredder on the other hand, requires cutter changes every few hundred hours, which can cause costly operational disruption. Because cutters are usually changed on a weekend, overtime costs also have to be factored in.All single shaft confidential waste shredders need more general maintenance too – wear strips on the hydraulic pusher require regular replacement for instance, and the rotors may need to be welded on an ongoing basis due to wear.

Further differences…

The differences do not stop there. The slow rotor speed of a four shaft machine ensures the ‘waste’ is carefully shredded, without destroying the materials’ fibre. This high quality output is especially important for companies processing confidential papers for recycling, for example. Crucially, this slower rotor speed also creates less dust than a single shaft shredder which needs to operate at a greater RPM to achieve a similar throughput. This slower speed means there isno need to invest in fire suppression or dust extraction equipment – the risk of fire is greatly reduced, should a foreign object enter the shredder and cause a spark.

Finally, the RS (four shaft) is more flexible – it is perfect for securely shredding sensitive documents, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs, bank notes, stamps, counterfeit goods and so much more. We offer a number of configurable screens, to achieve adjustable and accurate particle sizes according to your DIN level requirements.

In summary:

Whilst a single shaft shredder may represent a lower capital cost, with a four shaft shredder you can achieve:

  • Lower whole life running costs
  • Less routine maintenance
  • Slower speed
  • Less dust
  • Reduced risk of fire and explosion
  • Low noise
  • More application flexibility.
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