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Remembering quality when money is tight

UNTHA UK’s managing director Chris Oldfield was praised this week for his use of a phrase which should be more widely acknowledged in industry, claimed one of his peers. Here, Chris explains why it is important that quality remains the priority during difficult economic times…

“When speaking to an industry peer this week about the modern challenges facing businesses, I quoted a phrase that I heard many years ago now:

The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten’

I have used this saying many times, especially during the economic downturn, when people have understandably sought ways to protect their cash flow and minimise expenditure. Don’t get me wrong, everybody likes to secure a good deal. But grabbing a bargain doesn’t always mean you’ve successfully saved money.

Unfortunately some less scrupulous companies can entice customers with a seemingly more attractive price which in fact only exemplifies the low quality of the product or service. Usually this type of purchase is a false economy which costs businesses more money in the long run – we all know the saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice.’

So where possible, it is important to strike the right balance between expenditure and quality. This is important at a time when the economy is looking to recovery and businesses are once again trying to flourish. Organisations need to be confident that their investments are sound, so that they are best placed to meet the needs and requirements of their own customers, long into the future. A manufacturer that chooses to ‘save money’ by investing in low cost, poor quality raw materials, plant and equipment for example, will find it almost impossible to produce a high quality finished product. That manufacturer’s reputation will be at risk, and the end user may seek an alternative supplier.

What we’ve tried to do at UNTHA UK is devise products, services and packages that are good value and that give you more for your pound. We manufacture robust shredders that are efficient and easy to maintain, so the cost to run them is much less. They are built to last and they fulfil promises; ensuring customers get a return on their investment, not a bitter taste in their mouths.

We also have a vast range of spares and a knowledgeable service and maintenance team to protect your shredder far into the future, and for companies seeking more than just a machine, we can advise on complete packages too. We can even add value when it comes down to the finalising of contracts – if a customer is struggling to raise the necessary capital or if they would prefer to spread the cost of their investment, UNTHA Finance makes the whole process more affordable. Regardless of your financial status, we can help.

It is this value-adding approach to working with customers that has seen us continue to grow during the recession. We have continued to elevate the position of our brand, because we show our clients how much our business matters to them. We care about their bottom line as well as our own, and we want to safeguard long term customer relationships rather than a ‘quick win’.”


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