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New hard drive shredder ensures recycling process is safe and secure

An RS40 UNTHA shredder at SAS Logistics' plant

Safe & Secure Logistics has boosted the capacity of its WEEE recycling service to pave the way for further growth.

The Slough-headquartered firm has invested in a new hard drive shredder which will enable the confidential destruction team to comfortably – and compliantly – process over 3,000 hard drives per week.

The UNTHA RS40 shredder has just been delivered to SAS Logistics’…

What do the new WEEE collection targets mean for the UK?

WEEE collection targets explored

In our last online poll, we asked participants for their thoughts about the recently-announced WEEE collection targets.

It seemed a pertinent topic to explore. At the start of spring, Defra announced that 622,033 tonnes is now the overall target for 2017, significantly less than the EU’s 776,000 tonnes target. Rationale for the change has been widely aired in the industry’s media, as has…

UNTHA XR waste shredder hits one million operational hours

UNTHA XR shredder

Austrian-headquartered shredding specialist UNTHA has just dispatched its 150th waste shredder.

The XR mobil-e is heading to France where, when commissioned, it will process 25 tonnes per hour of C&I waste down to 80mm particle size. But this machine had a particularly special ‘send-off’ when it left UNTHA’s manufacturing plant in Salzburg.

From its inception, the XR series has…

Manchip3Media helps to keep plastics out of the sea

UNTHA hard drive shredder in action at Manchip3Media

Secure waste destruction specialist Manchip3Media (M3Media) has geared up for further growth by installing a new shredding system.

The DIN66399 certified UNTHA RS30 shredder will make light work of the old-format media that M3Media is processing on behalf of key customers including Sky, the BBC and Channel 4. Capable of tackling thousands of tapes per day, the machine promises to recoup bot…

Businesses failing to calculate ongoing wear costs

Calculating the cost of a shredder

UNTHA UK research has revealed some worrying findings when it comes to organisations’ investments in capital assets.

Our April poll found that, of all business owners and decision makers who took part in the survey, 71% do not calculate ongoing wear costs when purchasing high-value items like an industrial shredder.

This means that whilst factors such as an asset’s initial price tag may…

UNTHA Employee Q&A – Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis, area sales manager at UNTHA UK

In the second instalment of our new employee Q&A, area sales manager Dean Lewis tells us a bit more about himself and his role at UNTHA UK. Find out what he believes it takes to be a great shredder partner and which is his favourite machine…

Name: Dean Lewis

Job title: Area sales manager

Summarise your role in one paragraph

In essence, I supply our customers with solutions.

UNTHA reveals third generation waste shredder

XR machine from UNTHA shredding technology

Global shredding giant UNTHA has launched its 3rd series XR waste shredder, following more than 10 years at the forefront of this progressive industry.

The UNTHA XR was first brought to market as a robust pre-shredder that could effectively process a myriad of municipal, commercial and industrial wastes in readiness for the alternative fuel production market.

But committed to strengthening…

Hazardous waste shredding – unlocking the potential of classified materials

UNTHA UK's MD Marcus Brew

Hazardous waste is one application from which many recyclers steer clear. But with careful thought the processing of this albeit complex material stream can reap significant benefits for the environmental sector. In fact, our MD Marcus Brew offered some advice on the very subject recently, in an article for Recycling Inside! If you missed the write up, you can read it in full,…

Hazardous waste in the headlines – research findings revealed

Hazardous waste shredding - UNTHA UK

As regular visitors to the UNTHA UK site will know, we pose an industry poll each month. The purpose of the quick-fire research is to extract the views of professionals throughout the world of waste and recycling. And often the findings point to where progress is needed.

Last month, the poll in question asked – Do you think there is enough positive news about chemical and hazardous wast…

UNTHA Employee Q&A – Dan Fairest

Dan Fairest, sales manager at UNTHA UK

In this brand new employee Q&A, sales manager Dan Fairest tells us a bit more about himself. Find out which shredder he thinks deserves recognition, and his hopes for UNTHA in the coming year…

Name: Dan Fairest

Job title: Sales manager

Summarise your role in one paragraph

As sales manager, my role is to help our customers – new and existing – to find the optimum shredding…

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