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New shredder boosts BPR’s destruction of confidential waste

Waste management experts BPR Group has invested in a leading-edge shredder to improve the scope and security of its confidential paper destruction service.

The company has installed the renowned UNTHA RS100 shredder at its Rainham facility in Greater London, enabling BPR to bring its shredding operation in-house rather than contract it out to a third party.

BPR is now generating revenues of more than £100 per tonne of shredded paper and expects to see a return on its investment in four years.

BPR is a leader in the field of safe and secure handling, storage and destruction of sensitive waste – anything from confidential paperwork and documentation to credit cards and charity boxes. Clients include major corporate organisations, NHS trusts and legal and financial practices. Whoever the client, helping them to reduce the environmental impact of the waste they produce is key.

The new UNTHA RS100 shredder is enabling BPR to process some five to six tonnes of confidential waste paper every hour – an impressive throughput achieved due to the machine’s large capacity.

This thorough, high torque, slow speed shredding process complies with secure shredding standards without destroying the paper fibre content. Once material is drawn into the shredder’s main cutters, it is both pre-shredded and re-shredded in a single pass. Material that does not fall through the screen is transferred to the secondary cutters before being fed back into the cutting chamber for re-shredding.

Every RS100 is configured to the client’s specific requirements and can be fitted with different cutters and screen options according to the application and desired fraction size. BPR has purchased a number of screens which the team can simply adjust themselves, to optimise the performance of the secure data destruction process. Screens with holes of say 25mm diameter for example guarantee small confetti-like particles that – especially when combined with the machine’s mixing action – ensure a greater DIN security level and consequently increased confidentiality.

After shredding the material down to a homogenous particle size to uphold the highest DIN security standards, the waste is then baled for recycling.

Alison Roe, director of BPR Group, said: “We are extremely pleased with the new shredding unit which gives us increased security and peace of mind for our clients by bringing our shredding process in-house.

“It also gives us control over the output of shredded paper from which we are now able to generate a revenue.”

Alan Harvey, UNTHA UK’s business development manager for the South, added: “Hard-wearing cutting systems and self-cleaning contra shears heighten the machine’s reliability, reduce the amount of ongoing maintenance and translate into a long machine life expectancy. In addition to its throughput capability, this slow speed reliable shredder – with its four shaft technology – boasts low levels of noise, vibration and dust, and as a result has a much lower risk of a spark-induced fire or dust explosion.

“This machine has set the industry standard for this type of shredding. There’s no doubt that with the RS100, all BPR’s confidential waste is in safe and secure hands.”

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