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Confidential waste shredding client shares experience

We spoke to one of our confidential waste shredding clients recently, to learn more about their journey to creating a robust, secure and compliant system to recycle the sensitive documentation they handle. If you missed their case study when we published it, you can read more about their investment in our RS40 confidential waste shredder below. Or, why not explore our ever-growing client case study library to discover how other organisations are utilising UNTHA shredding technology.

Tell us a little bit about your business

Smith & Ouzman is a well-established security printing specialist, based in East Sussex. With roots dating back to 1845, our independently owned family business offers an array of print services for sensitive documentation including financial paperwork, ballot papers, examination certificates, local currency and pressure-sealed payroll slips.

What was your shredding requirement?
Committed to providing clients with utmost data protection reassurances, and dedicated to fulfilling industry obligations set out by the DIN security standard, Smith & Ouzman has been shredding their confidential waste, on site, for some time. In fact, for absolute peace of mind, we shred all waste paper that is handled by our company, whether it contains sensitive information or not.

However, in 2013, the decision was made to upgrade our shredding technology. For years, the previous shredder had continued to buckle under the pressures of Smith & Ouzman’s busy operation, proving how outdated and unreliable it had become. When it finally failed beyond repair, we knew that our requirements had evolved. We needed to invest in a more robust, sophisticated shredder capable of being a valuable asset for years to come.

Our key criteria were:

  • A robust, higher capacity shredder capable of managing the strain of high throughput confidential waste shredding
  • Precise particle sizing to ensure effective data destruction that upholds our DIN level 3 industry requirements and produces a consistent product for recycling
  • In-built machine reliability and ease of maintenance to prevent future breakdowns that disrupt our operational productivity.


We began talking to engineering specialist Impact Air Systems, regarding the provision of a new waste extraction solution. Aware that we needed to upgrade our shredder too, they recommended UNTHA UK. They had worked with UNTHA UK before, as a pneumatic conveying partner, so were familiar with their technology.

As conversations with UNTHA UK unfolded, it became clear that our sensitive waste would be in safe hands. With extensive experience in this niche field they were able to demonstrate the proven secure shredding experience we were looking for. We also visited a client reference site to see UNTHA’s confidential waste shredding technology in action. Comfortable that the upgrade investment would be worthwhile, we placed an order for UNTHA’s RS40.

And the shredder in action?

The RS40 was commissioned in December 2013. The installation process was well-managed and we were impressed with the after-install inspection. We have an ongoing service and maintenance package too, for added reassurance.

Impact Air Systems designed a fully automatic and compact packaged system to feed the UNTHA RS40 shredder, using a bin tipper and feed conveyor.  The system automatically regulates the amount of material entering the shredder, to ensure reliable non-stop operation without any operator involvement.  The shredded material is fed to the compactor using a pneumatic air conveying system modified by Impact Air Systems.

In terms of fulfilling the benefits we set out to achieve, the shredder is actually exceeding our expectations. It simply takes everything in its stride and is certainly ‘man enough’ for this tough job.

Having increased our shredding capacity – filling a 26.7mᵌ compactor bin at least once a week – we have transformed our waste handling area. It is much tidier because there is no back-log of waste, and the process is 80% more time efficient, freeing up operators’ time to undertake other jobs.

Any closing thoughts?

When it comes to data security, there is no room for short cuts. A confidential waste handler needs to carefully consider the technology it procures to ensure complete fulfilment of industry obligations and investment longevity. With UNTHA UK, we’ve found just that.


For further information about the solution that Smith & Ouzman opted for, or to learn more about UNTHA UK’s confidential waste shredders please call 0845 450 5388 to speak to one of our secure shredding specialists or email


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